Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Puppies were here!

WOW!  It's sure been a long time since we've posted on this blog, that I almost forgot the blog even existed!  Sorry about that!  We'll try to be a little more active on the blog, but to quickly bring everyone up to speed, last August, after expecting 5 puppies, we ended up with 8 healthy Pip and Smalls puppies- 4 girls, 4 boys.  We quickly found forever families for them and the new families all report that the puppies are doing awesome!

Here are a few pictures when Pip was quite pregnant (about 2 weeks before the puppies were born):

And the pup we kept--- Introducing, 

Aspen Leaf Callin' The Shots 'MOXIE'  

And some of the other  puppies: 

Ryker (now called Bow and loving his new family in Breckenridge) First born (male)
The Boys

The Girls

Red (now called Tazer and doing awesome in Grand Haven, MI) (male)

Clover (still called Clover.  She's doing great with her new family, and newest human baby sister and has just moved to Monroe, MI)
I'll try to get some updated photos up here at some point... No promises... :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pips First Point~ 13wks old- 12.31.11

Wow, the end of 2011 was good!  This morning, I spent some time with each pup working on ‘Kennel’.  I tell ya, that little Pip is a smart little cookie!  Smalls still isn’t too fond of the kennel though- he still cries and cries every time he has to go in there.  But he’s only had one accident in there, so that’s good.
After Josh got home, we had to do some running around, then he and I went in the backyard with the pups for some bird time.  For Smalls, he has very limited experience with pigeons, so we were careful not to let the birds get too crazy around him.  He seemed to like them alright, but wasn’t too sure about them. 
Pip on the other hand has been around them a bit more and she just LOVES them!  Josh and I were very proud to see her on so many strong points today- her tail wasn’t as high as we’ll want it to be, but today wasn’t the day to critique her.  It was just for fun and boy did she have some fun!
Here are a few pictures from today!
(Oops, I see I didn’t post when we got Smalls!!  We picked him up in Ohio on the 23rd- right in time for Christmas!  It’s definitely been an adjustment with two pups, but we’re starting to find a system that works for us.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wowsers, a busy weekend!

As the title says, this weekend was quite busy for the Booker household!  A few things we did-- Syd and I went to our first ever field trial (below) as Josh had to work.  We stayed for about half of it, then made the little over 2 hour drive back home.  It was a really good time and I think despite not expecting the snow (yes, I said snow), Syd and I enjoyed our time at the event. 

Let's see, then we went to dinner (LOGAN'S YUMMM).  Sunday we woke up bright and early so I could take some quick pictures of the kids and the dogs, then had a photosession for a friend of mine, then Syd and I were off again to Sidney, MI to help at the 211 event held by United Way.  Finally home, some picture editing (and of course sharing with all of you), and almost time for bed.

WHEW!  That wasn't all it, but eh, that's the big stuff anyway.

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of our pretty Pip tonight quick before heading to bed.  She's 9 weeks old now and is doing really well!  She's getting used to things nicely (including her kennel ;) and loves playing with Bella.

So, here we go :)

And the photo session would not be complete without our Pointer wannabe (she points squirrels mostly, lol), Bella.  She's a Boxer mix that we rescued from the Shelter this past April.  She's grown to be a nice addition to our family and we love her too (even if she doesn't find the birdies). 

...and the winners are- (RGS- GDOY 2011)

Poitning Dogs1st - Jasper - ES - Justin Somsel
2nd - Blue - ES - Michelle MacMaster
3rd - Bella - GSP - Scott Wilczewski
4th - Benelli - GSP/DK - Nick Moe
HM - Allie - ES - Randy Strouse

Flushing Dogs
1st - Bella - Lab - Fritz Helleer
2nd - Kate - Lab - Dan Hartley
3rd - Jones - Lab - Ric Heller
4th - Deuce - Lab - Ric Heller
HM -Senzi - ESS - Craig Hindes

(I am not 100% sure on who took these photos, but it was not me.  As soon as I know, I'll edit this post :)

Congratulations to everyone!

Rough Grouse Society- Gun Dog of the Year 2011- Field Trial

Although a bit chilly, Sydney and I were both thankful for the fire (THANK YOU!) and for the conversation. It was our first event ever and we look forward to future events when we'll be bringing our pups. We appreciate now having a picture of what a field trial is what goes on at one in our heads.

So, thanks again for the conversation, the fire, and thanks to everyone that put on the event-
- we'll be seeing you soon!

~Andrea & Sydney

Here are a few pictures from the event-

Friday, November 25, 2011

An Update on Smalls

Mason's a bit under the weather today so Josh came home.  As he was snuggling with Mason, Josh says, 'babe, please get on FB'.  He was excited to pount out the new pictures of Smalls from Monkeyshine Kennels (Dan & April).  AWWWWWW!   

Dan & April are in Georgia for quite a while and it certainly looks warmer down there than here (*jealous*).  Anyway, it looks like Smalls and his siblings are getting socialized nicely and are getting lots of exercise.

Here's Smalls!  He's a little over 4 weeks old today!!

Thanks Dan & April for the new pictures!

Bella, Small's Dam (mom)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Well, folks, it's Friday! A week already!

When we first picked up Pip last Friday, Josh and I both thought she was going to be a bit bigger than she was.  She's small, dainty, and we are finding that she has quite the personality!

Technically it's Friday and Miss Pip has been with us a week now.  Having her here has been interesting to say the least.  I don't know that any of us are used to her yet, but we're working on it.  What we know for sure is that she is just as much work as a newborn baby would be!

Crate training and potty training are coming along decently... She doesn't love her crate so much and I feel bad for her when she's in there crying, but I know (and she'll eventually know) that the crate is going to be a part of her life regardless of how much she cries and carries on.  She has only had a few accidents in the house (and crate :(  so we're working on finding a better schedule for potty times.  But, she doesn't like the cold too much it seems... We tell her to go potty and she goes pretty quick.  She's usually faster when it's colder outside.

Anyway, here are a few pictures for now of Pip- She's 8 weeks old now!!

7 weeks old- on the way home for the first time from picking her up

She looks so big here!  (She isn't!)

I hope to have the opportunity to take much better pictures of her this weekend sometime.

Otherwise, I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was good :)  We went to my Aunt & Uncle's house.  Pip came too and other than the awesome food, she was quite popular with everyone!